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As you raise a family, you’ve probably wondered what would happen to them if you died and were no longer around to earn a salary and/or provide other forms of care. The solution to this worry is often life insurance. However, once your kids are grown and you head towards retirement, do you still need life insurance? READ MORE >>

Businesses face liability risks every day. The best way to protect your business from these risks is to make sure you have a commercial general liability insurance policy. General liability insurance is designed to protect businesses and owners from the financial burden of third party claims of injury or property damage that resulted from the businesses actions—or lack thereof. READ MORE >>

We all know that the weather is fickle and can ruin a picnic or a vacation. Having those events ruined is no fun, plus it's inconvenient. But for a farmer, the fickle weather can be much more than inconvenient; it can be devastating. Weather can ruin a crop or reduce the yield. So, what can a farmer do for protection? READ MORE >>

Unlike the four-wheeled motor vehicles that you share the road with, motorcyclists aren't protected by a steel cage, energy-absorbing bumpers and crumple zones. Being smaller means you're less visible while on the road, which can be a bad thing in this day and age of distracted drivers. READ MORE >>

All small business owners understand the importance of carefully budgeting expenses. But while paying rent, utilities and payroll is necessary, so too is business insurance. A storm or a liability lawsuit could result in your business facing tens or hundreds of thousands in damages. READ MORE >>

Honey Brook, PENNSYLVANIA — Local independent insurance agency, Blue Marsh Insurance, in partnership with one of its carriers, Grange Insurance, has donated $566.00 to the Honey Brook Food Pantry. This donation is just one way Blue Marsh contributes to the community. READ MORE >>

Are you among the many families that enjoy boating in warmer weather? That doesn’t have to change just because you’ve had a child or have a child visiting your family while you wish to hit the water. So long as safety precautions are taken, boating can be a fun and safe activity for the entire family—small children included. READ MORE >>

Trucking isn’t often viewed as a dangerous job, even though it involves long hours on the road. The chances for accidents and long, irregular hours of sitting combine to increase the risk all truckers face on a daily basis. Let’s take a look at five of the most common trucking hazards and how you can minimize their ill effects. READ MORE >>

Most responsible people protect themselves against uncertainty. That's why they get insurance to protect their cars, homes and health. They protect their family against their untimely death with life insurance. They also plan their finances well into the future. READ MORE >>

Moving out of your parents' house and into your first rental property can be an eye-opener. You’re faced with new responsibilities that abruptly shift you into adulthood. But the experience doesn't have to be jarring if you know more about what to expect in advance. READ MORE >>

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