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Buying life insurance isn't something that young adults typically consider. They're more likely to budget for coffee runs and entertainment. But what most Millennials don't realize is that life insurance isn't just for families. Even young adults may benefit from life insurance if their circumstances are similar to those listed below. READ MORE >>

You love your job of working on landscapes. Daily, you get to see plants thrive and know that your expertise is contributing to their beauty. You have a great customer base and know all of them by name. So, why would you need professional liability insurance? Here’s one example. READ MORE >>

Most of us like finding ways to save money, especially if it's easy. We would like to take that a step further and give you easy and fun ways to save on your motorcycle insurance. Take a motorcycle safety course. It will take some of your time, but it is easy to do and you can make some new friends to ride with. READ MORE >>

Farmers are exposed to a unique set of risks that people in other industries are not prone to. To mitigate these risks, many take out crop insurance policies to help them deal with potential losses. There are plenty of myths surrounding these policies, and we would like to debunk a few of them to help you become better informed. READ MORE >>

Just because summer is almost over doesn't entitle you to get sloppy with boat safety. Even after a summer on the water, it's crucial that you continuously review safety precautions and ensure that your passengers are informed as well. How do you stay safe on your boat? READ MORE >>

Living a healthier life is much more involved than just visiting the gym. Being healthy is a frame of mind that encompasses both physical and mental wellness. After all, how can your body be healthy when you're going through emotional turmoil? Try these six tips to get your life back on track to good health. READ MORE >>

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration: 23 percent of highway accidents are categorized as trucks running others off the road 28 percent of highway accidents are trucks rear ending someone 9 percent of highway accidents are caused by trucks changing lanes READ MORE >>

We know that you take pride in how you maintain your apartment complex. You like that the quality of landscaping and amenities appeals to renters, and you have been able to increase the rent and still keep the apartments rented. However, as with all apartment owners, a key step is managing your liability exposure. READ MORE >>

Lancaster Auto Insurance In Pennsylvania, you are required to purchase auto liability coverage, which covers the damages to other drivers after an accident that you cause. However, considering the price tag of vehicles and hospital bills, the state requirements may not be enough to pay for all of the damages. READ MORE >>

We are all familiar with the lawyer stereotype where lawyers don’t care for anything but making as much money as possible.  (Just for the record, the lawyers I know are nothing like that.)  Slightly less popular is the insurance agent stereotype: these suave salesmen use proven tr... READ MORE >>

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