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Did you know that taking time to properly teach your teenagers to drive can lower your car insurance rates? How is that possible? By making your teenager a safer driver who will be in fewer accidents and receive fewer tickets. It also gives both of you a chance to spend time together and can help you prepare for future conversations about driving. READ MORE >>

Just because the office is a place of business doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve. Decorating the workplace is a great way to get into the Halloween spirit, so long as you do so with caution. Here are a few tips to keep the holiday spooky and not dangerously scary. READ MORE >>

With cooler weather on the way, now is a good time to review the safe handling and usage of propane tanks in your RV. Although propane is considered safe for RVs, mishandling this flammable gas can lead to fiery disaster. Prevent leaks and other sources of danger by following these tips. READ MORE >>

Floods can devastate homes, neighborhoods and even cities in a matter of minutes. But there’s no time to dwell on losses because your ability to act quickly directly affects the amount of belongings that you’ll be able to salvage before mold and mildew sets in and has the chance to make you and your family ill. READ MORE >>

Buying life insurance isn't something that young adults typically consider. They're more likely to budget for coffee runs and entertainment. But what most Millennials don't realize is that life insurance isn't just for families. Even young adults may benefit from life insurance if their circumstances are similar to those listed below. READ MORE >>

You love your job of working on landscapes. Daily, you get to see plants thrive and know that your expertise is contributing to their beauty. You have a great customer base and know all of them by name. So, why would you need professional liability insurance? Here’s one example. READ MORE >>

Most of us like finding ways to save money, especially if it's easy. We would like to take that a step further and give you easy and fun ways to save on your motorcycle insurance. Take a motorcycle safety course. It will take some of your time, but it is easy to do and you can make some new friends to ride with. READ MORE >>

Farmers are exposed to a unique set of risks that people in other industries are not prone to. To mitigate these risks, many take out crop insurance policies to help them deal with potential losses. There are plenty of myths surrounding these policies, and we would like to debunk a few of them to help you become better informed. READ MORE >>

Just because summer is almost over doesn't entitle you to get sloppy with boat safety. Even after a summer on the water, it's crucial that you continuously review safety precautions and ensure that your passengers are informed as well. How do you stay safe on your boat? READ MORE >>

Living a healthier life is much more involved than just visiting the gym. Being healthy is a frame of mind that encompasses both physical and mental wellness. After all, how can your body be healthy when you're going through emotional turmoil? Try these six tips to get your life back on track to good health. READ MORE >>

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