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Many apartment complexes boast three-story buildings, in which you can often choose which floor you prefer to live on. But does the floor really matter, or should you snap up the first unit that becomes available? That depends on your preferences. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of living on all three floors. READ MORE >>

Every vehicle, from tiny Smart Cars to big rigs, is required to be insured before hitting the road. But the minimum coverage requirements are designed to protect everyone who shares the road. In order to protect yourself and your truck, you should consider additional coverage options when purchasing your trucking insurance policy. READ MORE >>

As the owner of a small business, your days can get hectic while you don many hats to keep things running smoothly. You understand that business insurance is an important piece of operating a successful business, but you don’t want to spend a lot of time paying various premiums every month. READ MORE >>

Іn gеnеrаl, mоst dеntаl іnsurаnсе роlісіеs оnlу соvеr trеаtmеnt thаt іs соnsіdеrеd mеdісаllу nесеssаrу. Тhіs оftеn іnсludеs рrеvеntіvе dеntаl trеаtmеnt, suсh аs rеgulаr сhесkuрs аnd сlеаnіngs. Rоutіnе dеntаl wоrk thаt fосusеs оn kееріng thе tееth аnd gums іn gооd shаре іs аlsо оftеn соvеrеd, аnd usuаllу іnсludеs fіllіngs, tооth ехtrасtіоns аnd сrоwns. READ MORE >>

The economic recession has had a lot of negative effects on many American households, including the loss of a house. Many families were forced to forgo home ownership in favor of renting, causing the apartment vacancy rate to decline at an annual rate of over two percent over the past five years. READ MORE >>

One of the most burdensome costs that business owners face in today's economic environment is that of workers compensation. Since workers compensation is required by law in most states, it is also an unavoidable one. There are, however, a few practical things employers can do to decrease their workers compensation costs. READ MORE >>

Many people dread wintertime because of the poor road conditions. Obviously, the best way to stay safe is to avoid driving during bouts of bad winter weather. However, this isn’t always possible, and so brushing up on winter driving tips is the next best way to stay as safe as possible. READ MORE >>

Out of the 164,500 kitchen fires that occur in houses each year, the majority of those are grease fires that ignite in the kitchen. A grease fire can cause damage to the stove, to the floor if hot grease is spilled and burn down a house if not contained. How does a grease fire happen and what can you do? READ MORE >>

Did you know that taking time to properly teach your teenagers to drive can lower your car insurance rates? How is that possible? By making your teenager a safer driver who will be in fewer accidents and receive fewer tickets. It also gives both of you a chance to spend time together and can help you prepare for future conversations about driving. READ MORE >>

Just because the office is a place of business doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve. Decorating the workplace is a great way to get into the Halloween spirit, so long as you do so with caution. Here are a few tips to keep the holiday spooky and not dangerously scary. READ MORE >>

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